A minimum purchase of $20.00 (before taxes) is required for an on-line purchase.  If however, you still wish to place an order for less
than this amount, please note that the minimum amount of $20.00 will still be charged to you.

Gift-certificates for less than $20.00 can be ordered at all times as these do not require special packaging. 

The accepted methods of payments are:  VISA, MASTERCARD and PAYPAL.  If you wish to pay by cheque, please refer to the section, PAYMENTS BY CHEQUE.  All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes nor shipping or other applicable fees (is necessary).  Les Ateliers MenuArt calculates the taxes in function of the address where the order will be delivered in Canada.  For example, in Quebec, the applicable taxes added would be the GST (Goods and Services tax) and the QST (Quebec Sales Tax).  For the Province of Ontario, the applicable tax would be the HST (Harmonized Sales tax)  and the same would apply according to the Province.  No taxes will be charged for deliveries outside of Canada.  The client will be responsible for the fees that could be charged by the customs services.

All orders are treated according to time of arrival.  Once you have finished with your shopping cart:

a)  You must submit your order by clicking on the SUBMIT YOUR ORDER button.  No payment will be made during this operation.

b)  Once your order has been received, we will proceed to verify the availability of the merchandise and will calculate the applicable delivery

c)  We will confirm your order and indicate the taxes, applicable delivery charges and if it is the case, advise you of the items that will not be
     charged as they are unavailable at the time of your order.

d)  Once you receive the confirmation of your order, you must either:

     1)  Accept and proceed with payment.  The payment is done throught  PAYPAL's secure website

     2)  Refuse by cancelling your order.



We accept payments by cheque under the condition that the cheque is drawn through a Canadian bank or Caisse Desjardins.  Shipping of your order will be done only after the cheque has been deposited and cleared.



If you do not wish to proceed by electronic payment via the internet, you can call us during our business hours and we will be able to proceed with the completion of your order.



Gift certificates are not exchangeable for on-line purchases.



No return and/or exchange will be done without prior authorization on our part.  All requests must be made within 15 days after receiving your order.  All our products are packaged in a way to avoid breakage.  If for some reason an item arrives damaged, please contact us at 450-920-1080 or by email at the following address:  lesateliersmenuart@videotron.ca  and we will provide you with the procedures to follow.  If your order does not meet your expectations, that you changed your mind or made and error while passing your order or wish to exchange it, you can return the order at your expense using the original packaging and with your receipt and we will reimburse  the charges for the merchandise only.  We will not reimburse the delivery charges unless an error was make on our part, or the item was defective or damaged.  There is neither reimbursement nor exchange on products that were ordered on sale unless damaged in delivery.  There will be neither reimbursement nor exchange on books and CD's/DVD's.  Please note that certain miniature products are sometimes glued together by a very light coat of glue.   An item that arrived "unstuck" does not constitute breakage and will not be reimbursed.  Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have regarding this subject.



At all times and without pre-notice, Les Ateliers MenuArt reserves the right to modify the price of products offered on-line shop.  The current price will prevail, the moment the order is received and registered.  We always do our best to keep our website up to date, but changes in prices and/or errors are always possible.  In the event that there is a difference between the on-line price and the current price, we will contact you to verify if you still wish the chosen item.  Please note that the on-line prices may differ from those in the shop and that all purchases made on-line will be charged according to the on-line prices.



We do our best to maintain our on-line shop.  However, Les Ateliers MenuArt cannot guarantee the availability of our products on our on-line inventory.   We do not hold back orders for the items that are unavailable.  You must re-order the items that cannot be sent along with your order, due to their unavailability.



Les Ateliers MenuArt protects your personal information.  Under no circumstances will your personal information be distributed or sold to a  third party.  Your personal information will only be used by Les Ateliers MenuArt.  When you process the payment of your purchase throught the internet, your transaction is done within PAYPAL's secure website.  Les Ateliers MenuArt is not responsible for breach of confidentiality thay may occur via PAYPAL website.  Our website contains hyperlinks towards other websites that are the property and are administered by a third party.  Les Ateliers MenuArt is not responsible of the contents and/or confidentiality policies of these other sites.  Once you leave our website, we encourage you to inform yourself on the Confidentiality Policies of each of these other websites.